Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Friends 2005 Challenge

WELCOME to the FrIeNdS 2005 ChAlLeNgE!!!

Purpose of this challenge:

To help those less socialble beings get out there and be... social!

The Challenge!

To hang out with your friends every day for a WHOLE month!!


1. No cheating. You will be found out.. **shakes fist**

2. For proper tracking, each day have your 'friend' sign your 'friend tracking sheet'

3. Keep a light journal of the things you did with each friend. This will help remind you friends are good.
4. No other contests may be entered for the duration of the challenge!

**Drag mouse fro ** to **

** 6. Don't be afraid to ask for help.. thats what friends are for**

Good luck to all and I hope to see you Participate!!!

WInners will be selected Jan 12th 2006.

Friend Month Starts